Debt Collection Services

Courteous/Professional Staff - At Yakima Adjustment Service we train our debt collectors to be helpful and polite to everyone they deal during the debt collection process. We set ourselves apart from other collection agencies by not conducting ourselves in a harassing or threatening manner, because we believe that reflects poorly on our clients.

Precollection Letter Service - We encourage late paying customers to settle with our clients first, by notifying them via mail at a verified address. This gives the customer multiple opportunities to avoid having their account turned over for debt collection.

Skip Tracing Services - Yakima Adjustment Service uses a number of advanced online databases to aid us in collecting debt nationally.

Staff Training for Clients - Yakima Adjustment Service will ensure that our clients have the most up-to-date training, which means less time and effort spent on debt recovery.

Legal Services - Legal action is sometimes required during the debt collection process, for consumers who have the ability to make good with our clients, but for whatever reason, refuse to do so. In these cases we consult the offices of Hurley and Lara, who we have done business with for the past 20 years.

Online access - We provide simple-to-use online tools for clients and consumers that make transferring files, or making a payment, quick and easy.